Tips for School Furniture and Classroom Furnishings

Want to create a successful learning experience? Always start with a well-stocked classroom.

Classroom Chairs & School Chairs

First a typical school chair. Some have triangular slats, some vertical, some ovular, etc. but 98% of school chairs are made with a polypropylene shell. Polypropylene is a word that means "plastic". There are two types “soft” plastic and “hard” plastic. “Soft” means that it is soft enough to “give” a little. This is the chair in 70% of rooms in the United States and around the world.

For certain students and applications a hard plastic chair is perfect. They are still made of plastic but have no “give”.

Classroom Chair > what height to choose. Here’s the general rule:

This height is measured from floor to seat. Usually, adults and everyone from fourth grade, up sit 18 inches off the ground. Importantly, some chairs come with adjustable heights. In addition, some have wheels/casters. Casters are commonly found on teachers chairs.

School chairs can be ordered in various colors. Navy and burgundy are the most common colors, but you can choose red, yellow, green, teal, blue, black, etc. Color selection is important.

Classroom Desks & School Tables

Younger children sit around or at tables. However classrooms of fourth grade and above, but many from first grade on, seat their children at desks.

Most desks these days have a bookbox; there are generally two types of book boxes: open or closed.

An open bookbox is one that you can see from all sides. It is also sometimes referred to as a wire bookbox. However, don’t let that fool you. They are not made of thin wire but a solid piece of metal reinforced with several crossbars to hold heavy textbooks.

Closed bookboxes are more common. The boxes can be metal or plastic.

Advantageously, most desks come with adjustable legs. The typical desk height for everyone fourth grade and above is 30 inches. For the smaller kids, you want the desk to adjust down to at least 22-2 feet.

Desks different colors. As us for color swatches.


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